Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WATCH: barbara bush showed george w. her miscarried fetus

UPDATE:  barbara and george h.w. do larry king

apparently it was the maid who showed the fetus, excuse us, big difference there folks and we apologize for george w.'s inaccurate account of the facts of this story.

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bizarre to say the least...by the way, where the hell is this interview, a japanese restaurant?


Monday, November 15, 2010

WATCH: 'just a friend' performed by goldblum, the roots, and biz of course

words cant express how much i love this song

LOOK: jerry seinfeld AND larry david rocking air jordans

the thought of seinfeld (the show) alone takes me back.  in the 80s and 90s things seemed so much more real, now everything looks like ikea and smells like glade products.  i think its so cool that jerry seinfeld used to (and probably still does) rock air jordans.  and i think its even more hilarious that larry david would wear them.  i know mj played for chicago, but he had some epic battles in madison square garden versus ewing, starks and the rest of the knicks.  to me, air jordans are so ny.  the best of the best, logically, wearing the hottest sneakers out.  below, a couple of pics of jerry seinfeld and larry david on set wearing the air jordan VI - my personal favorite sneaker of all time.

Monday, November 8, 2010

LOOK: the nicest nyc subway stop of all time

 this is new york city's secret city hall subway stop located downtown somewhere near park row and city hall park.

 for anyone interested in seeing in person check the link below for instructions on how to find...


UPDATE: WATCH: this piece of shit assistant district attorney from michigan

UPDATE:  so finally, after returning from a personal leave, everyone's favorite assistant district attorney Andrew Shirvell faces some disciplinary action regarding his despicable "campaign" against University of Michigan's student body president Chris Armstrong.

Shirvell has been placed on administrative paid leave.  click the link below to read the full story.



this is weird, the world is totally losing its mind - the video below is just further evidence, watch...

oh and by the way this poor excuse for a human being is the ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY FOR THE STATE OF MICHIGAN!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NEWS: world's oldest person dies at 114 - Eugenie Blanchard

Eugenie Blanchard was considered the world's oldest person.  She was a nun who devoted her life to her god and to helping and being kind to others.  Don't ever let me hear you say something bad about this person, the woman was a saint.  I don't know why, but I feel sad about this.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WATCH: tim gunn - it gets better (official)

i just want to say, i love that goddam tim gunn, i watch project runway, and i think he is just a class act all the way.  true blue is true blue, and i recognize it when i see it...

WATCH: it gets worse (for bullies and bigots that is...)

think youre hot shit because youre in high school or college and are athletically gifted, or some lame ass self-proclaimed "player" or ladies man?  well guess what?  the adult world doesnt really give a shit about your immature, close-minded views of how you think society should be.  and if you cant/refuse to adapt, mature, and refine your little bullshit ego/identity youll be the one getting bullied by those that are smarter than you regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual preference, so take heed.  dont believe me, just watch this random former bully explain below...

Uploaded by FirstLastName. - Discover more webcam videos and video blogs.

Monday, October 11, 2010

WATCH: "steve, how many times i gotta tell you, you cant be riding you lawnmower down the road like that?"

steve, dont do that man!

LISTEN: good morning hearthache

personally - i love the version off ODB album Nigga Please featuring Lil' Mo but i cant seem to find it on youtube.  i think you can listen to it on yahoomusic though, so google it if you are interested, great song, you wont be sorry for long!

READ: LISTEN: prometheus and the story of the how the worlds oldest living organism, a bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva), on wheeler peak in eastern nevada, usa was inadvertantly cut down

In the 1950s dendrochronologists were making active efforts at finding the oldest living tree species, in order to use the analysis of the rings for various research purposes, such as the evaluation of former climates, the dating of archaeological ruins, and addressing the basic scientific question of maximum potential lifespan. Bristlecone pines in the White Mountains of California and elsewhere were discovered by Edward Schulman to be older than any species yet discovered. This spurred interest in finding very old bristlecones, possibly older than the Methuselah tree, aged by Schulman in 1957 at over 4700 years.
Donald R. Currey was a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying the climate dynamics of the Little Ice Age using dendrochronology techniques. In 1963 he became aware of the bristlecone populations in the Snake Range in general, and on Wheeler Peak in particular. Based on the size, growth rate and growth forms of some of the trees he became convinced that some very old specimens existed on the mountain, cored some of them, and found trees exceeding 3000 years old. Currey was not, however, able to obtain a continuous series of overlapping cores from WPN-114 (Prometheus). Here, stories diverge. It is not clear whether Currey requested, or Forest Service personnel suggested, that he cut down and section the tree in lieu of being able to core it. There is also some uncertainty as to why a core sample could not be obtained. One version has it that he broke or lodged his only long increment borer and could not obtain another before the end of the field season[3], another claims he broke two of them, while another implies that a core sample was too difficult to obtain and also would not provide as much definitive information as a full cross section of the tree would.[4]


also listen to radiolab's "oops" podcast covering this unfortunate event...


WATCH: double arm amputee doing it with his feet

remember - when life give you lemons "just say fuck the lemons and bail," no just kidding, make lemonade of course.  which is exactly what this bright shining beacon of the human spirit is doing by playing the shit out of the cards he was dealt in life.  watch below.....

Friday, October 1, 2010

READ: brown tree snakes invasive in guam

so the strategy here is basically - dosing a brown tree snake with tylenol will kill it, the brown tree snake eats mice, so logically it might be a good idea to put tylenol in mice and feed them to the brown tree snake.

who knows if this will work though, apparently the mice are thawed out dead versions of their previously living selves so the snakes may not eat them?  i dont know just my hypothesis based on nothing really too profoundly scientific.


READ: these peice of shit parents

so theres these two idiots that successfully produced a human offspring, 22 months later this is what they do to the poor boy.  click the link below to read more...


WATCH: this piece of shit assistant district attorney from michigan

this is weird, the world is totally losing its mind - the video below is just further evidence, watch...

oh and by the way this poor excuse for a human being is the ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY FOR THE STATE OF MICHIGAN!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NEWS: rutgers freshman tyler clementi commits suicide jumping off gwb

this is a sad, sad story - the kid's roommate set up a camera to record his roommate, tyler clementi's private sexual encounters.  this pathetic waste of a human being, dharun ravi, then broadcast the video footage on the internet for all to see.  another rutgers student, molly wei, was also implicated in this debacle.
first of all - total invasion of privacy.  second - i never thought i would ever say this being that i thought i had some really bad housemates in my day, but this kid dharun ravi might be one of the worst roommates of all time.
read the article and think for a minute......you might spare yourself the same possible consequences these two idiots are facing now, should you ever find yourself seeking to invade someone's privacy and then try to humiliate them on the internet.
somebody needs to slap these two - especially this kid dharun ravi - what the hell were you thinking?  because of your lack of judgement this poor boy tyler decided that life wasnt worth living anymore.  sad, they should throw the book at you for being an intolerant, insensitive, pathetic, loser.  not to mention the space you take up in the world could be occupied by someone whose goals and ambition wont be wasted by being distracted by "outing" your possibly gay roommate - who even cares about sexual orientation like that anymore anyways?
dharun - you'll be carrying this for the rest of your life kiddo - such a hard lesson to learn for you but you brought it on yourself with your intolerance.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ARTIST - michael scharf

im feeling this michael.....
"She my bro, he my hoe"

ARTIST - michael nepomich

check my dude michael nepomich's artwork......
"Living During Changing Landscapes"
"A Bird? A Man?"

dwight's perfect crime = my perfect crime

i have mixed feelings about schrute - on the one hand he is a completely a pathetic loser who chases after michael like a little school girl with a crush.  on the other he is kindof a big time player when it comes to the ladies.  i also like that he thinks of things in terms of the strongest and the fittest survive, like how he killed angela's cat because it was sick.  that said watch this clip:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ari Why: The Blog, The Myth, The Legend: Gamelan Dons!

Ari Why: The Blog, The Myth, The Legend: Gamelan Dons!

sleep paralysis is terrifying

i have experienced sleep paralysis twice before this afternoon.  here is the story before i forget completely -
so last night i went to one to one of the funnest parties ive been to in a while.  i feel like i paced drinking fairly well - by the end of the party/night i was rolling around in the hosts dusty ass backyard, theres also a good chance that i spent some time on the floor inside the house as well, the birthday cake residue on my jeans and blazer would serve as evidence of this.  we drove back to the house courtesy of a responsible pretty young lady who shall remain nameless.  i woke up briefly in my boxers sleeping sideways on the bed, chyna was next to me as well as my designated driver and her pup too.  slept some more, woke up, ate a little bacon egg & cheese and got started with my day.
later on this afternoon after picking up some much needed items from lowes using a card issued for store credit for returning a blue rhino propane tank i actually never purchased from them.  im broke so the card really came in handy, when i returned the tank i was a little aggravated they wouldnt give me cash for returning the tank but whatever, today the card came in handy.
went back to the house, her and her roommate were in the middle of an all day house cleaning party.  i end up taking a nap in the room with the dogs.  slept for maybe two hours.  next thing i remember im awake but im not.  im sort of half controlling my thoughts, which is what i call the half of me that was awake, and the other half of my mind was still sort of dreaming, that would be the part where im not really awake.  so im dreaming and thinking at the same time.  the thinking part of me is actually trying to wake up, mainly trying to move my arms and legs, or any part of my body that will move.  i cant, i try to move my limbs and i cannot.  im essentially paralyzed.  probably not permanently, but at least for the time being, i dont know how long it will take to regain control over my body, i dont know what to do.  my instincts are telling me to call out for help, simultaneously, im also trying to concentrate on moving any part of my body.  im trying to call out, "help" is what i am trying to say, but what im pretty sure was actually coming out was a weak short groan.  as im concentrating on body movement, i realize that i am actally able to bend my arm at the elbow.  my sleeping position is no different from the usual, which is comprised of only about three positions - on back, on stomach, or on side, this nap was sort of a hybrid stomach side thing.  so im bending my elbow, ive got this weak groan going and i swear i can feel, not see, but feel someone coming into the room towards me to my rescue.  as i feel her presence i start to worry that she might interpret my groaning as my having some sort of sex dream or something like that and that she would think that was funny, this brief thought sort of embarrasses me, the embarrassment passes.
seconds tick, im still not fully awake and still cannot move my limbs.  i do not feel her helping me, in fact, im not really even feeling her presence at all now.  the whole time i am semi-conscious of this happening i am literally terrified.  possibly the most terrified i have been in my entire life other than the two previous times this has happened to me in the past.
seconds turn to minutes, i am very gradually starting to become more and more awake and conscious.  and it seems like all of the sudden i regain control of my body, physically.  i end up jerking my left leg in a way that i smash my shin against the night stand, the pain is sharp and i think it actually speeds up my regaining consciousness.
a little disoriented, i awaken finally, push myself up, the dogs stir and hop off the bed, i move to my feet, at this point im sitting with my head in my hands just trying to recover from the sheer terror i had just experienced in my sleep paralysis.  on my feet and walking out of the bedroom into an empty kitchen now,  the floor had just recently been thoroughly scrubbed, and the room still had a faint smell of cleaner.  my friend and her housemate are in the living room listening to fleetwood mac.  you could tell they had been working hard since i had first gone into the room for the nap, they had gelled as a cleaning team and were breaking together as i walked into the room to tell someone, anyone, what i had just experienced.
they both thought it was funny, not making fun, actually taking it seriously, but still seeing the humor in the experience.  i was more in awe of the whole thing more than i found it funny.  i wasnt offended, was just so glad that it was over.
terrifying experience......


Friday, September 10, 2010

this dude's not gay is he? (not that there's anything wrong with that)

peter pan dude

this person is so unbelievable - i dont even have enough time right now to do this post right - im going to have to resume later when ive had time to process and strategically plan how i want to put peter pan on full blast!

hold tight folks!

UPDATE:  i may never come back to this, i think im over it......